Team Fortress 2
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Division Leader:  SConforti
Whether you are fat or thin.
Whether you are slow or fast.
Whether you are into rockets or grenades
Whether you are into blowing a hole in someones head or stabbing them in the back.
Whether you like to build things or healing people.
Whether you make sweet love to a gun named Sasha or are just a flamer.
We don't care any which way, cause we need all who fit any of those descriptions.
Welcome to Team Fortress 2 on The Elders.

WidowMaker HongKongPhooey
Elite_Prophet MDK22
Redman061 RaGe
GiantFlyingHead Thalan
GeoDragon Fraggle 79
T@ylorMade Ender
HeyNOW! Crazydog
Holy Shit noobinhood
Captain 24
Luggage Rally Pig
Smurfette Baltika (#9)
Spevf Taso
Mustard DiscoStan
Lyriq Crimshadow
The_Juggler creamandsugar
espon Hare Doctor