About The Elders

In 2002 The Elders was founded by 5 guys on a mission... To be able to play Counter Strike without having to worry about hackers, asshats or general idiots. WidowMaker, HongKongPhooey, Nemesis, NightTrain and Gunner decided to pitch in and get their own game server. Not realizing the community's need for mature and fair game play The Elders expanded to a high of 5 game servers, a full blown web site and over 50 members.

Over the years members, and unfortunately founders, have come and gone, but we still believe in the need for fair mature game play. Expanding from just Counter Strike to CS:S, TF, TF2, DOD, COD series and all kinds on mods for each in between, we have played them all.

Concentrating mostly on TF2 these days, we continue to run a clean server with hundreds of regulars. Keeping the hacker out is a priority, but having good times with our online friends has been our number one goal.

With the help of members like Sconforti, Mustard, CrazyDog, Smurfette and GFH to name a few, The Elders is still going strong 8 years running.

So get in Vent and join our members for a fun night and possibly many more in the future.